A&R 4

“Once upon a land” & “White”

Canvas Gallery opens 2 solo shows on Tuesday July 31st 2018 from 5 pm –
8 pm.  Affan Baghpati’s “ Once Upon a Land “ and  Raheela Abro’s
“ White “   will continue daily until Thursday August 9th , 11 am –
8 pm ( excluding Sunday )

Affan Baghpati , with  a Masters in Art and Design from the Beacon House
National University ( BNU ) Lahore  , deals with nostalgia in this
series  by working  with found objects that were once functional but
have since lost their relevance in the present times. He is also a
performance artist with numerous public art performances to his credit.

Raheela  Abro ,has  a Masters in Art Education from the Beacon House
National  University ( BNU ) Lahore and is a faculty member  of the
Karachi University and the  Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture
( IVSAA ) , Karachi. Her work is based on  a legendary character ,
Watayo Faqir’s  wisdom and philosophy.


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