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Obvara Ceramics Workshop

Hand Building Ceramics Workshop
By Nabahat Lotia
Feb 22-Feb 26, 2018
Koel Gallery
The workshop covers:
Introduction and presentation of ceramic processes. Participants will create a range of hand-built ceramic pieces with the help of the instructor. All pieces will be bisqued before the final firing. Participants will take home their final work after firing.
Course Fees
Rs. 15,000 (includes materials)
Clay, tools, firings and access to kiln.
For application form, please contact
About The Instructor
Working with local potters of Punjab and Sindh for over 25 years, Nabahat Lotia has attended several residency programs and workshops. She has taught and held exhibitions in Pakistan, Bali, Toronto, New York, Turkey and Sri Lanka,
Nabahat Lotia re-introduces an alternate firing method, practiced for centuries around the globe


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