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A group show by overseas Pakistani Artists, titled ‘Nostalgia’, opened at Art Citi Gallery on 14th November, 2019. Curated by G.N Qazi and Hussain Chandio, the show displayed works by Bushra Malik, Humaira Hussain, Kiran Salim Shah, Masooma Rizvi, Sanaa Merchant, Shazia Jaffery and Tanya Nasir.



Three talented artists based their works on Arabic art. Bushra Malik focused her work on mysticism, spirituality and finding inner peace. She portrayed these concepts by painting everyday mundane scenarios and juxtaposing Islamic patterns and Arabic calligraphy onto them. Masooma Rizvi talked about Sufi concepts and calligraphy in her works by using the modern use of colours and Arabic alphabets to express her true feelings. Ranging between abstract and calligraphic forms, Sanaa Merchant created traditional Arabian paintings.



Kiran Salim Shah took the idea of nostalgia a step further and talked about religion in her series of artworks based on the Quran. Humaira Hussain based her work on creating a harmonious and peaceful environment by painting flowers, birds and butterflies and using soft colour tones. Reviving old traditional art, Tanya Nasir highlighted Islamic Art.



Exploring a different topic and commenting on women’s freedom, Shazia Jaffery made self-portraits and placed them in front of play cards, calling them the cards of life. Her work analyzed the issues faced by women and empathized with them and their misery.



This exhibition continues till 16th November, 2019.


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