Microcosm 2

Opens 14th May 2018 at AAN Gandhara Art Space, Karachi.


A generational challenge has already been taken up and this idea has been explored in many major international projects in a global context. Youthfulness is a highly subjective topic and in the last years of boom, various artists came to the fore representing a new generation (young means under- 40). Based on the conviction that some of the most radical gestures in the art history have been carried out by the artists in early stages of their career, this curated exhibition, investigation or survey emphasizes the stars of tomorrow’s art scene who bring a myriad of visual culture influences in their art practice. There are 16 artists carefully chosen who are novel in this arena, previously hadn’t had any major exhibits and certainly their captivating works are yet to be seen with a youthful flair, and most importantly are born in 80’s or after. Some of them have yet to blow out thirty candles on a birthday cake.

Microcosm has brought insight into how this generation of artists experiencing and reinterpreting their attitude, identity, environment, tastes, sexualities and political learning through their artwork. This exhibition offers a rich, intricate, multidisciplinary exploration of the work in a variety of media-ranging from drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, illustration, photography, video and few surprising mix.

-AAN Gandhara Art Space


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