Marks and meanings

Canvas gallery hosted a solo show by Rabeya Jalil titled Marks and Meanings. She questions the principles of beauty set by people as ‘high-art’



“Marks and Meanings’ departs from the constraints of academia, arriving at a primal exuberance that supersedes paint as a medium; yet is thoroughly rooted in painterly dialogue. Within each piece, Jalil eschews the principles established by canonical schools of painting throughout its diverse history, capturing vignettes of life through her unique candid lens. By reflection, experimentation, and an intuitive process evocative of the passion of Fauvism, and the unbridled hand-eye coordination of Art-Brut, Jalil emotes the representational as well as the abstract through strategies of mark-making on a two-dimensional surface. Questioning what constitutes an academic criteria of beauty within the traditions of ‘high’ art, Jalil’s pure formalist approach attempts to engage a deeper sense of connection with works of art, a transformative experience akin to being moved by spirit beyond viscera. This is the ‘meaning’ held within ‘Marks and Meanings’; that it acknowledges the viewer as essential and the work of art as catalyst for emotional liberation through the power of imagination.”



The show continued until Nov 12th, 2020.


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