At the Milan Design Week 2018 there are two performances by the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli.


FROVA NASINI Architetti awaits you at the spectacular luminous performance of Marco Nereo Rotelli “City Color” .


An initiative by Wise Society and Tus Holding during the Design Week, Wednesday 18 April, from 19 30, at Bovisa Tech , via Durando 39 Milan.


The performance “Color City” is a tribute to Mendini and to celebrate the recent close agreement between the Tsinghua University in Beijing and the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, for China’s innovation hub to be in place right at the Bovisa Tech, designed by ‘Atelier Mendini and home of Smart Life Evolution .


The artist Marco Nereo Rotelli has been researching light and the poetic dimension for years. For the occasion, he will create, in the architectural complex designed by Atlier Mendini , a luminous and poetic installation defined by a thought of Yves Klein:


“For me colors are living beings, highly evolved individuals that integrate with us and with the whole world. Colors are the true inhabitants of space “.


The language of color is the chosen theme that will transform the square into a place of projection and the buildings into a large live theater. A hymn to the colors of the sky in painting, dedicated to the great architect and his love for art. The skies of Van Gogh, Tiepolo, and Tintoretto will flood the square with light, while a network of words, composed of Mendini’s thoughts on architecture, will rest lightly on the buildings.


Bringing light with an idea, a feeling is the way to discover an urban space with new eyes and fresh mind.



Also during the design week in Milan, Marco Nereo Rotelli inaugurates “Words of Light”. Homage to Gillo Dorfles.


Via dellaSpiega – Milan Design Week 17-22 April 2018


With a magical effect, between dream and reality, Via della Spiga lights up in blue and turns into a bright open-air stage, revealing to visitors a tale of light in tribute to the great intellectual Gillo Dorfles.The words and thoughts that the great philosopher, painter and art critic dedicated to design cross the Via della Bellezza of the heart of Milan. A tribute by the internationally renowned artist Marco Nereo Rotelli with his unpublished installation for the design week in the street known all over the world as the ‘Salotto’ of the Quadrilateral of Fashion. Loved and frequented for a long time by Gillo Dorfles, Via della Spiga still retains the charm of an ancient medieval village, the street that ran parallel to the Navigli, with its typical court buildings, has been for decades the pulsating heart of Art, publishing houses and historical shops. And so Gillo Dorfles often stopped in via della Spiga n. 30 to meet the great publisher Livio Garzanti, and loved to live it for the presence of friends, painters and artists who animated it, for its rare sinuous and harmonious beauty. Words of light for a tribute to Milan, its protagonists and its history.


“The luminous writings of Marco Nereo Rotelli – as defined by Gillo Dorfles – create a Baroque dimension and transform the perception of the cities creating amazement and movement through the word”.
“Dialogue” in Marco Nereo Rotelli, Fluendo Verso, International Gallery of Modern Art Ca ‘Pesaro, Venice, 2011


In collaboration with: Associazione Amici of Via della Spiga
Organized by: Beatrice Mosca


INFO: 340 0505467 | bmosca@studiobeatricemosca.it


Marco Nereo Rotelli
Via Quintiliano, 24
20138 Milan



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