Making History

“Visual artists do not report past, they recreate it. But not only visual artists, in fact majority of us fabricate past – our personal histories. We manipulate, mix, manufacture, modify, convert, conceal, amend, and edit what we experienced before – not only for others, but for ourselves too. Once this process is complete, we had successfully erected a false version of facts, thus we begin to believe in the truth of our own invention. Often because we do not want to cope with painful past, or we wish to produce and project a grand substitute to what can be named a humble beginning. “Making History” – A cross-generational view on history, featuring works by Affan Baghpati, Ammar Faiz, Nabiha Khan, Risham Hosain Syed and Sajjad Ahmed opens at Sanat Gallery on Tuesday May 8 2018.” -Sanat Initiative


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