Love Letters

Noor Jehan has been treasured and praised by all and we have heard about her countless times from her admirers. Except this time, a more personal picture has been painted for the audience by her daughter, Nazia Ejaz, in her recent exhibition, ‘Love Letters’, displayed at Canvas Gallery.


This show opened on 8th October 2019, and is Ejaz’s way to remember her mother and to recall the times she spent with her. When she was studying in London, every week Noor Jehan would send her a beautifully handwritten letter which, being full of prayers and sentiments, was almost like a love letter.


She used the idea of these letters, together with portraits of her mother surrounded by Urdu calligraphy, soft and fainted colours, and prints, to reminisce and appreciate the memory of her. Butterflies and floral patterns appear in the backgrounds of her works and roses are used repetitively which could be representative of the elements of love, sorrow and death.


This exhibition continues till 17th October 2019.


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