Lettres du Voyant: Joseph Beuys x Nam June Paik

HOW Art Museum (Shanghai) is pleased to announce that Lettres du Voyant: Joseph Beuys x Nam June Paik is on view from January 20 to May 13, 2018. The exhibition presents the representative works by German artist Joseph Beuys and Korean-American artist Nam June Paik, and further discusses the cooperation and close relationship between these two avant-garde artists in the 20th century.
The exhibition title, Lettres du Voyant, derives from works of the same name by Arthur Rimbaud, a famous French poet in the 19th century. In Rimbaud’s letter, the Voyant is a visionary figure with an eye on the present that pierces through to the unknown. A Voyant can predict the imperceptible future, while inherently cultivating a richer soul. Joseph Beuys has presented one of the most explorative artistic approaches in Western contemporary art, while Nam June Paik is a superlative representative of Eastern culture in the contemporary art world. Spearheading two unexplored trends, Beuys and Paik’s works can be considered as personifications of their experiences. Lettres implies the inextricable relations between the works of Beuys and Paik, and hints at the profound friendship between these two artists during the Fluxus art movement.
HOW Art Museum invites Dr. Gregor Jansen, Director of Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, and Mr. Kim Nam Soo, former academic researcher of the Nam June Paik Art Center, to serve as the curators for this exhibition. The exhibition has received support from Department for Culture and Education of the German Consulate General Shanghai and the Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai.


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