Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

The month of May brings another interesting read and I would like to welcome the readers to the May 2019 issue, “The Art of Ceramics”. This month we p

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Letter from the Editor- in – Chief

The month of May brings another interesting read and I would like to welcome the readers to the May 2019 issue, “The Art of Ceramics”. This month we present profiles of internationally acclaimed ceramists, Sheherezade Alam, Nabila Ahmed and Nabahat Lotia. The issue focuses on firsthand coverage of the recent ArtDubai 2019, as well as an extensive look into Bahawalpur’s first ever, watercolour festival which happened earlier this year.


Big congratulations to Naiza Khan on headlining Pakistan’s first international Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale with her new body of work ‘Manora Field Notes.’ The 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia’s central theme for the year is ‘May you Live in Interesting Things.’ She will be exhibiting a collection of artworks under the curation of Zahra Khan, director of Foundation Art Divvy who specialises in South Asian Art. This is a joint effort by the Pakistan National Council of Arts and Foundation Art Divvy. Her work revolves her decade long journey through Manora as she travelled the land by foot. The work brings together the ideas of embodiment, ecology and optics. The work will immerse the viewer in the life upon Manora Island and will be a collection of historic and lived experience archived into one. The Pavilion of Pakistan will present itself across three interconnected spaces, which include, archival materials and a multi-screen video installation.



I am delighted to announce ArtNow Pakistan’s art partnership with Karachi Biennale’19. ArtNow Pakistan will continue to share the news of KB’19 which will take place at different venues of Karachi. The talented and renowned artist Muhammad Zeeshan heads the curatorial team of KB’19. We look forward to a successful Biennale and I am sure that KB’19 is all set and ready to set another benchmark this year.



My heartiest congratulations to all the national and international finalists of the Sovereign Art Prize, Munawar Ali Syed, Abdullah M I Syed, Ahmed Javed, Naveed Sadiq, Andy Dewantoro, Angela Yuen (ka Yee), Ashmina Ranjit, Boo Sze Yang,  Chanmin Park, Cho Yi Kyung, Eric Fok (hoi Seng), Etsu EgamiFuxiaotong Joo Choon Lin Katsumi Hayakawa Minho Kim Munkhjargal Jargalsaikhan Narynov Saken Naveed Sadiq Nicola Anthony Rakib Ahmed Saule Suleimenova-bazargaliyeva Sawangwongse Yawnghwe Sher Ali Hussaini Shreyas Karle Soe Yu New Sujeewa Kumari Weerasinghe Sujith Sn  Valerie Ng Ulan Dzharapov Urich Lau Wai-yuen. Sovereign Art Foundation tends to discern and promote the growing contemporary art talent in Asia. The Sovereign Asian Art Prize is a contemporary art prize in Asia-Pacific, which raises funds by auctioning the artworks of the artists who make it to the finals, and then dividing the proceedings equally between the artist and the foundation, which is used for the benefit of disadvantaged children.


Vasl Association has been providing a platform to the national and international artists to explore and generate work as well as perfect their artistic skills. Mujtaba Asif, resident of 10th Vasl Residency and a recipient of the First Vasl Research Grant in 2018 showcased his long researched based exhibition at the Canvas Gallery, Karachi. I would like to congratulate Hamid Ali Hanbhi who is this year recipient of the KKAF research grant and also to the artists of the 11th Taaza Tareen Residency for such a successful group exhibition in culmination to the residency, showcased at Full Circle Gallery, Karachi, Bushra Khalid, Noormah Jamal, Jahanzeb Haroon, and writer-in-residence, Natasha Japanwala.



Karachi has seen some exciting local shows this past month, such as Moeen Faruqi’s newest exhibitions of works at Koel Gallery. . Faruqi is a self-taught artist and known for his nimble strokes and astounding techniques to capture urban alienation. Political activist, Sitara-i-Imtiaz recipient and renowned artist, Mian Ijaz ul Hassan showcased his new oeuvre of paintings and print on the distortion of media in his most recent exhibition at Canvas Gallery. Chawkandi ended the month of April with a group exhibition by four emerging talents, Ayesha Naveed, Haider Ali, Jovita Alvares and Razin Rubin. The young artists ventured on to explore their pasts, by looking within and realising how these personal traits affect their respective practices. Sanat Initiative also displayed the works of budding artists, Abida Dahri, Sulaman Arshad, Wajahat Saeed and Yaseen Khan,  in a group exhibition curated by Adeel uz Zafar. The artists all seemed to explore the ideas of repetitive patterns that eventually transformed into architectural forms.


Art Citi gallery paid tribute to Watercolour master, Abdul Hayee by displaying his work in his first ever solo show at the age of 72. Hayee is a renowned watercolorist and mentor for many artists who have learned the art of watercolour under his guidance. He is a master of techniques in watercolour that captures landscapes and cityscapes.


Lastly, I would like to wish all our readers a blessed Ramadan this May.


Bye for NOW!