Letter from the Editor in Chief

The team at ArtNow has been busy this summer and we are happy to announce two new projects: the redesign of our website and the launch of a new initiative, our art advisory service.


The past few years have seen rapid growth in our local art market, with a remarkable proliferation of art fairs, galleries and online platforms. The developing field of contemporary art requires a concurrent development of services that provide artists, students, and enthusiasts and collectors with the tools to understand and negotiate this plethora of information in a more meaningful manner.


In recognition of this, we are happy to announce the prelaunch of our website this fall, upgraded, revamped and retooled.


In the coming months, you’ll notice a more dynamic user experience, with integrated social media and comments, and an updated, more streamlined look. We have added new features, whichwill take ArtNow from being an online magazine to truly being a multi-dimensional online platform. And since the majority of people in developing countries access the internet through mobile and tablet devices, we have made sure our new design will be fully compatible with your smart phone, so you can read articles and comment on the go.  At ArtNow, we believe it is very important to remain flexible and work hard to grow in new ways.



Art Advisory Services

For a newcomer to art, the art market can be daunting. Even a collector experienced in modern art may find navigating the contemporary art field an uncertain prospect. The art world can be a complex, opaque terrain, with practical information, such as on pricing and insurance hard to find, and with the variety of forms and media contemporary art revels in, it can be difficult to separate actual artistic talent from clever marketing.


That’s where we come in. After three years in the contemporary art world, we are now launching an art advisory service. We can help you distinguish trends from quality, so whether you are building a collection from the ground up or expanding an existing collection, the works you purchase will be of lasting value. As advisors, we are able to provide impartial, confidential advice, backed by scholarly knowledge and research. For private collectors, a strong art collection is can be an investment and for corporations, it can be used to cultivate the right kind of image and send a confident message to clients.


Whether you are a private client, a corporate collector or an interior designer, we can assist you in buying and selling high quality art in a variety of media and styles, putting you in direct contact with artists, organizing private gallery tours and viewings and determining appropriate pricing. We also handle the practical side of packing, transporting and framing the works.


Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome at info@artnowpakistan.com.


Bye for NOW.


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