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“Know Thyself” – Art Chowk gallery

“Know Thyself” is a divine message by Allah that has been conveyed to mankind in multiple ways since their creation. Allah has blessed all of us with an intellect and stressed in His divine message to understand the soul of humanity for living a better life. For this meaningful quest, Farid-ud-din Attar once said, “When you fail to find yourself, to know yourself here, how will you be able to understand the secret of your existence when you die?

The current body of work from the series of “Know Thyself” expresses the urge of an awakened soul to search for the Divine spark within. This underlying conceptual quest guided to unfold the actual means of being throughout the creative process. Symbolic visual vocabulary is used in terms of image making that focuses on observation with the blend of experimentation. The metaphorical expression significantly stimulates the contemplation of soul through the conceptual analysis of Khudi (A philosophical concept presented by the eminent poet of Sub-continent Allama Muhammad Iqbal). For this expedition of deciphering hidden dimensions of truth, minimalistic tonal variety and linear impressions are used with the metaphorical representation of a Rose. Know Thyself is to understand the goodness of our soul by awakening it. The symbolic imagery of a rose represents an awakened soul. It intends to evoke the purpose of our lives which is to spread goodness similarly as the rose is meant to spread its fragrance in its surroundings for making it fresh and lively.


According to Socrates contentment is achieved through experiencing the kind of life that best serve the nature of soul. He believed that the goodness of soul can only be seen when human beings examined their daily consciousness through reasoning and questioning with other human beings. The truth that could be unveiled through the knowing process has the power to elevate spiritual light in the human soul. I believe that this meaningful visual discourse needs to be realized by the society that has the power to uplift the intellectual content of each and every individual for the betterment of a society in the contemporary age.


Show opened on 17th April 2018


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