Bacha Baazi 19.5 x 19.5 inches Acrylics on Canvas

Kacha Gosht

STATEMENT Ecce Homo – Behold, the man. Manhood is an aberration; it is a struggle to break free of or even rebel against the fond nature of this universe. Men are trained to be “men” – the unyielding, the tenacious, the overbearing, the opportunistic. Men survive manhood training. They learn the rituals and come out a little damaged, here and there, between transitions, finally managing to make the grade as “just” a little functional. The greatest sufferers of the violence of men are other men. “Femaleness” of humanity is inexorably tied to a time when a being is a fetus, growing and blossoming while feeding on the “femaleness” that is the universe. The development of “maleness” is complex and precarious, with an ever-present struggle with a natural inclination to return the way of the universe, restraint from which damages men while strengthening their “maleness”. For the sons of Adam, the songs of innocence have given way to the songs of experience. The boy breaks from his infantile past; the brutal segregation is enforced between two beings that were once one. Gender is slowly enforced upon him. Roles are given not chosen. Choices are made. Machismo is way at the cost of humanity.


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