Kacha Gosht


Kacha Gosht

  Homo is in its absolute brain size, large body and lower limb morphology with its cognitive, linguistic and technological capabilities. Ecco

Berlin Meets Karachi: Hidden Urban Histories in “Afterimages: Of Erasure”


Homo is in its absolute brain size, large body and lower limb morphology with its cognitive, linguistic and technological capabilities. Ecco homo, or behold the man, an artistic motif with cult ideology of certain attributes and intrinsic traits of human necessary to their identity and being. The awe-inspiring big solo show “Kacha Gosht” of Amra Khan in O art Space Gallery bring up the curtain on 17th of August with the heartening luxuriance of painting legacy to challenge the underpinning of visual seduction in artworks. A Lahore based Interdisciplinary visual artist and educationist Amra Khan, Graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore is proficient in oils, acrylics & miniature painting & often convey her artistry through human hair sculptures & video installations.


Amra’s khan paintings confronting the contemporary issues in her solo show are a great joy to look at. The eye-popping paintings entice with thin washes and thick dollops of paint, Amra makes the large-scale portraits and figures with the darker paint layer over to create a visual depth representing one’s idea of manhood which advocates the power and privilege about the societal oppression. One series of her paintings with light and dark tone of green patches is rejuvenating to show the relaxing aspects with possessiveness, jealousy, and envy of nature and the other with the primary red is a strong, emotionally intense color showing the love, sex, passion, and desire.


The irony of the titles like “Hik phul Motiye da”, “Jhoomer” , “Naina Dey Akhay Lugay” and so on in her artworks reveal the socially constructed identities and the gender roles in accordance with the masculine expectations of society. The gendering process is very pervasive and the colloquialisms are ways of relaying the message that as a member of a certain gender, there are rigid expectations.  If these expectations aren’t fulfilled then one will be subject to ridicule and even violence.


Her paintings with acrylic and oil on canvas unveil the state to overpower men is establishing a patriarchal society. There’s no hiding the fact that men have perpetuated oppression and patriarchal ideologies in one form or another for centuries and violence is one of the key tenants of masculinity. A man’s looks, clothing style, ways of behavior, thought patterns, and interests are masculine to the extent that they increase his chances of getting laid. It is also a fact that a vast majority of violence is committed by men and therefore it’s a responsibility to address it. Men are more often than not victims of other men’s violence.  This is especially true for queer and transmen, who experience violence at higher rates than straight cisgender men.


Amra’s artistry is the true insight of the social role of a male and the perception of a man who is oppressed in one or more ways and a men being ridiculed by more privileged men as a means of constructing their own identities as men. Her artworks show that there is an infinite number of way to be a man which exist within a hierarchy of manhood. She has portrayed the strong thought-provoking idea for the recognition of the intrinsic role through the signs being assigned and personify them as a complete social entity rather they are being observed by their social designation and symbolic objects without an understanding of a person’s dynamic character in society.



To display the self-observation and the perception of a person to see the reality in their own way. She renders the all sort of significant and disturbing material of conscious and unconscious mind in her paintings. The world we see is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. The human capacity symbolically to represent feelings, situations, objects, and ideas developed before being commandeered by the several bits of intelligence and before it became a boon to vocal communication.


As she is working at a time of great social and political change, her work explores the tensions between the human passions and the repressive nature of social and political conventions like Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience juxtapose the innocent, pastoral world of childhood against an adult world of corruption and repression. Her paintings represent that things are not always what they seem and as an artist, she is trying to make the viewer to see things the way they are. With the ability to interpret, free will, and the use of language a man can be answered through many viewpoints. She thinks men are more than just mere creatures of nature because of the art of remembering, recalling and through language either written or spoken. She emphasizes the individual existence and views humans to define their own meaning of life. It, therefore, emphasizes action, freedom, and decision as fundamental, and holds that the only way to rise above the essentially absurd condition of humanity.

Amra has portrayed the common absurdness of facts and reality around us and without instigation of our intellect we believe the presumptions & conditional thoughts. Running until the 27th of August, the most profoundly shaped and inspired art of Amra khan with the ongoing explosion of interest is putting an undeniable impact on contemporary art will live for centuries.





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