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Infinite Reflections


An art show titled ‘Infinite Reflections’ opened at ArtKaam Gallery on 19th September, 2019. Gabrielle Brinsmead, Lubna Jehangir and Tehmina Lodhi were the participating artists who put up a stunning exhibition and displayed an array of art styles and artworks.



The abstract splashes and drips of oil paint and enamel in Brinsmead’s work consist of a mixture of warm and cool colours that remind the viewer of Jackson Pollock’s large scale paintings. These works are mesmerising to look at and have a truly calming effect.



Jehangir’s interpretational paintings represent emotions and thoughts instead of depicting reality. She uses fantasy and her imagination to give the world a glimpse of her creative mind.



Acrylic paintings of spaces and architecture are done by the visual artist, Lodhi, who uses both conventional and conceptual styles. Her love for birds can be seen through her work as she paints a series of birds observing them during different times of the day.



This exhibition will continue till September 28th, 2019.


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