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In memory of Jamil Naqsh


Jamil Naqsh, a British – Pakistani artist, recently passed away on the 16th of May, 2019, in London, United Kingdom. In honour of his artwork and the memories he left the art world with, a memorial service was held on Sunday, September 15th, 2019, at the Jamil Naqsh Museum.



Throughout his life, Naqsh was renowned for working with texture, spaces and figures, and his work was mostly comprised of pigeons and women. Naqsh had not only earned fame but also the love of people, especially in the art fraternity that could be observed on the occasion.



Naqsh’s close friends, family members, admirers and art critics gathered at the Museum to pay respect and recall the fond memories of the artist. A number of famous artists took pleasure in talking about Naqsh’s life and his paintings. A warm ambiance was set with flowers and candles and the Museum was made even more captivating with Naqsh’s paintings hanging on the walls.



It was truly a beautiful evening spent reminiscing, and idolising one of the most notable artists of Pakistan.



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