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A solo show, titled ‘Imaginarium’, opened at Full Circle Gallery on 18th October, 2019, and featured works of the visual artist, Raza Bukhari.



Bukhari uses art as a platform to voice his thoughts and express feelings in ways that cannot be said in words. In this show, he uses a variety of media including gouache on wasli, digital prints and photo transfer to talk about different cultures, removing the boundaries and limitations set by them. He does this by overlapping religious paintings onto a single body of work, eliminating them from their traditional context.



Being particularly fascinated with historical Catholic artworks, Bukhari creates reinterpretations of them and juxtaposes Islamic motifs, found in Persian carpets, onto them. Through this, he comments on the constant change in customs and the uncertainty and ambiguity of sacred concepts. He enjoys producing unclear and unobvious works so that the viewers could come up with their own individual explanations.




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