If you have tears


If you have tears

  'If you have tears' is a group show curated by a veteran art critic Quddus Mirza. A wonderful curation in May was conceived around the idea

Conversation with John Tain at LB03
The careless mapping
The last rain by Abid Aslam


‘If you have tears’ is a group show curated by a veteran art critic Quddus Mirza. A wonderful curation in May was conceived around the idea of ‘fire’ and after the success of that show, this June the curator came up with an idea to present a show based on a theme opposite to fire ‘water’.


Besides being a basic necessity of life, the artists and curator of the show see this element not merely as a component but highlights the concept of water, such as in religions, different changing forms of water, such as clouds or ice and overall significance of water in human life.


“The exhibition is conceived around the concept of water, with its multiple meanings, interpretations and contexts. Water can be actual water, its images, its sources, its impact (flood, rain, drowning, drenching etc.), its location/collection (drains, pond, well, lake, canal, river, sea, a glass, bottles, pitcher, pan and other containers etc.); its different formations, like clouds, snow or ice. The term also has some symbolic links, such as tears, perspiration, and other body fluids and secretions. Another connotation of water is the religious one. In many religions, faiths and rituals, water purifies – by ablutions, ritual cleansing, baths given at birth and upon death. Water from certain sources is believed to be sacred, like the Zamzam Well and Ganges River.


In today’s world, water is considered to be an important element of ecology, and of impending environmental crises. Marketing of a natural substance into a commodity, such as water bottles of different brands and prices, is a new phenomenon, but in different cities, like Karachi, water is supplied and sold through tankers. This natural substance has been a crucial factor for commerce, from the ancient water trade routes to wars for possessing water territories in the history of mankind. In addition to that water is the home for a number of species, along with providing pleasure, recreation and sports to humans through beaches, swimming pools, and snow-clad mountains. From personal and private to societal and global, water is seen, used and transformed in multiple ways, means and functions.


The exhibition includes diverse meanings, interpretations and contexts of something so familiar as water, through works created in different mediums and techniques – all transforming our understanding, memory and experience of water.”


The show is open until June 26th,2021 , all days excluding Sunday.

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