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I Walk Between Edges and Boundaries

My photographs portray the existence in between lines.
I am surrounded by edges and boundaries.
Walking in between worlds;
Behind a chain link fence.
Surrounded by shadows.
Veiled by cobwebs.
Obscured behind tall weeds.
Fading on the edge.
Disappearing in the mist.
I stand alone.
Alone and with him.
I am and I was.
Reflections become me and I am the reflection.
Confronting and demanding.
Divided and together.
I question and question.
What are these boundaries?

Mehreen, or Lali, Khalid grew up in Pakistan. Her father introduced her to photography at a very young age. She has been taking pictures ever since. Her work wanders between themes in landscape, abstraction and documentary photography, but has always centered itself around portraiture. She earned her BFA from The National College of Arts in Lahore, and her MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.
Lali’s work has been shown in many galleries throughout Pakistan as well as numerous locations in the US. Reviews of her work have appeared in 3Quarksdaily, The Express Tribune (with the International Herald Tribune), Khaleej Times, Newsline, Daily Times, Libas International and others.
She currently lives and works in the United States.
“I photograph everything and anything. My main interest lies in portraiture. Building a language from expressions, emotions and moments, my photographs are a reflection of my inner personal qualities. They depict and document cultural and private conflicts, as well as emotive effects of natural light, through quiet, narrative allusions.”


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