Him and Her

ArtKaam Gallery proudly brings an exclusive group exhibition titled “HIM&HER” of 3 renowned Artist Couples in our art industry including Momin Khan & Shaista Momin, A.Q. Arif & Mussarat Arif, Salman Farooqi & Shazia Salman.


The purpose of this unique exhibition is to acknowledge these great artists, who are together in art and in life – two different human beings living under one roof but creating different art and covering diverse subjects of life.


For them being an artist couple is a blessing (or not) as both can truly understand (or not) and give space to each other (or not).


They can discuss ideas & learn from each other and can highlight the issues that interest them the most in a surrounding so influenced by the ‘other’ Artist. Keeping one’s own individuality in an environment where another artist is your non-stop critic, is a task only these 6 artists can tell – and that too through their art.


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