Anant Art - Hashiya The Margin E-Catalogue-1

Hashiya- The Margin

The genesis of this exhibition engages with the concept of HASHIYA- ‘the Margin’. If we talk in literal sense, one uses this word almost each time to describe a margin; border or an edge. The word Hashiya comes from the Persian language and we find a wide range of these ‘margins’ being used in Mughal paintings. Kavita Singh explains it as ‘A frame that conditions us to see something in a particular way ‘. It acts as a foundation of the painting, hence for an artist, the possibilities of the Hashiya are immense.


The exhibition displays the artistic response of these artists who are inspired by miniature paintings in their own distinct ways. This group show included artists from India and Pakistan.


The show was inaugurated on 30th March 2018 and will continue till 24th April 2018 at Bikaner house, New Delhi.


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