Guest Editorial

Imtiaz Quettawala, CEO, Jafferjees


While I am not a collector of paintings, my affiliation with design dates back to the 1980’s.  I still fondly remember the days when I used to attend my brother’s manufacturing factory and learn the art of designing leathergoods.  Over the years, experience has taught us that designing of leather products consists of shape, balance, colour, space and most importantly, practicality.


Art is not restricted.  It ranges from paintings to sculptures, pottery to poetry, or music to embroidery.  In my opinion, art is a creative human skill blended to produce works to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power.


In 1935, the city of Quetta was destroyed by a massive earthquake. Hence, the Jafferjees business center shifted to Karachi from Quetta. Fortunately, the commitment to detail, the use of finest materials and adherence to quality of craftsmanship was preserved.  We have been blessed to cultivate the interest of our younger generation to maintain the tradition of providing high quality leathergoods with exquisite workmanship.  Designs coupled with good quality materials and craftsmanship is what Jafferjees has emphasised through generations.  Accordingly, we are proud to be the 5th generation to uphold such high standards.


Our legacy is now over 135 years, and we are focused more than ever to develop new designs which are practical and consist of an element of ingenuity.  We aim to further strengthen our market share by expanding to new markets.  Our families are proud to be of Pakistani heritage which can infuse design and impeccable artisanship in leathergoods.  We look forward to the interjection of artistry in our products as we pursue our journey.






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