Groundtruthing: A two-person exhibition by Zahra Malkani & Shahana Rajani
with works in collaboration with Abeera Kamran
Book launch: Exhausted Geographies II was inaugurated on April 19th, 2018 at Gandhara Art Space.


Groundtruthing engages with landscapes that are found at the intersection of infrastructure, war and ecological crisis in Karachi. The work showcased explores the city through a new road named Jinnah Avenue, through the rusting bits and pieces of railways, in between the remains of what was once a mountain and in diminishing bodies of water. Their work further explores the neo-colonial transformations, influenced by various factors around them such as capital, power and finance.



Exhausted Geographies II | Book Launch


Exhausted geographies II draws on collective research about the changing landscape of Karachi. It explores the city through emergent and decaying infrastructures, disappearing ecologies, and architectures of militarisation.


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