The Trespasser (1)

For Your Eyes Only

O Art Space at Lahore, exhibited “For Your Eyes Only” with the works of Hoor Imad Sherpao, curated by the well-known and magical Irfan Gul. This show provided the viewers a treat for the eyes. Working on such an important, disheartening and wretched narrative, still Hoor Imad managed to bring such dazzling pieces of art.

As a graduate of National College of Arts, Hoor Imad has been one of the few female Pasthun visual artists of the country, who have energetically been taking part in national and international shows. In her paintings. Through her paintings she talks about the issue that has at all times united women; male dominance. Her paintings are a reflection of her experience and maybe that of every other woman of Pakistan i.e. around the role of gender in a brutal male dominated society.

“Just like pre-historic cave painters painted animals to gain power over them, my work is my method of exercising power over those who suppress my individuality as a female” says Hoor.

The show was centered on female figures, water colored portraits and lots of brass ornamented frames. Reds, yellow, blues and blacks could be seen on the walls of the gallery. Talking about “The Trespasser” one of the stunning artworks of the show, the artist has painted a doll-like face which looks directly into the eyes of the viewer. Adding in hair from the artists’ imagination. We grasp black sight that takes over the figure below the neck. There is usage of greens, yellows and whites to fill the floras and faunas of the veil. Our eyes keep moving around the painting and do not walk out of the borders of the frame.

Also, not to forget Hoors’ exceptional frames, Hoor chooses wooden frames that are deeply engraved or frames that are shaped differently, breaking the monotonous tradition of hanging rectangular frames, adding the eye catchy, fascinating and tempting finishes to the painting. She does the same with the painting “Trespasser”, she uses an arrangement of brass ornaments as for the border of the painting. Addition to that, she furthers frames with an engraved wooden black frame.

The paintings created a fascinating and appealing atmosphere till the end and kept the spectators connected.


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