Folding Shadows Catalogue-10

Folding Shadows

Folding Shadows, curated by Alia Bilgrami, was inaugurated on Wednesday, 25th April 2018 at KOEL GALLERY.


This exhibition brings together three artists who play with the viewer’s perception of three-dimensionality. They experiment with mediums such as paper, metal and Perspex, not only as surfaces to work on, but materials to work with when constructing their pieces.


Babar Gull uses origami figures – a Japanese paper folding technique. Instead of conforming, he uses them as the subject matter for his beautifully rendered drawings, creating minimalist pieces on a flat plane.


Hadia Moiz layers sheets of Perspex to create patterns, repetition and tonal variation. She essentially focuses on layering – a tactile way of confronting reality and attempting to untangle it through her pieces.


Whereas, Sarah Ahmad, originating as an experience with nature, its energy, and visual wonders, her detailed monochromatic work contemplates the innermost human condition and the outermost mysteries of the universe, and how it is all interconnected.


Conceptually, all three artists’ workflows in various directions, however, when viewed collectively, they fuse strikingly through their use of geometric forms and patterns, linear mark making, scoring and folding shadows that meet at the point of execution.


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