Flying with stones



“Flying With Stones” a solo show featuring works by Raza Bukhari opens on Friday 14th September 2018 at Full Circle Gallery; a hub of cultural and artistic expression and engagement. Full circle proudly presents works produced by masters, as well as emerging artists.


Artist Statements:

Raza Bukhari:

My work is in the relationship between Art and life. My art is my voice, a powerful interpretation of my deepest thoughts, love, sex, violence and strongest desires. Pictures for me are equal to feelings, things that can’t be expressed in words. My artworks are a glimpse into how my life is divided between cultures; everything that we see is filtered by conditioning. I try to express the sprite of the time. Painting for me is a perfect way to tell stories of outer limits of human behavior. Exaggerating the familiar and making it strange, my works speak the nature of culture in the 21st century, things are overlapped, by taking a single religious image and removing it from its original context; I make it mysterious and try to entice the viewer to make their own narrative.

As a child I played on Persian carpets, I felt fascinated by looking at the Islamic motifs in every Persian home, Persian style illuminations and miniature paintings.  The vague and unfinished motifs depict the changing of traditions and lack of clarity regarding religious concepts. The mere purpose of a carpet is not only decorative but also to give comfort as you caress that soft fabric. Like my medium, my images are meant to cast the same effect on the eyes of the audience.


Full Circle is delighted to have you with us for the opening of the show on Friday 14th September 2018.


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