PART 1 : DISRUPTION OF LANGUAGE – An Exhibition by Aisha Abid Hussain at AAN Gandhara Art Space!



The exhibition will open on Tuesday 27th March, 2018.



Being a research based practicing artist Aisha is inspired by history whether it is personal or worldly. The thought of exploring hidden treasures of narrative yet to be told excites her as she digs through ancient documents, scripts, photographs and text. The images are static yet moving, the words say nothing but they breathe. It’s like weaving a net or making a cocoon with ultimate patience and sheer pleasure just as one develops a relationship or a spiritual contact. The lucidity in the free flowing forms is organic reminiscent of body secretions as well. The works executed in liquid medium, reflects the obsessiveness with the process, a force to explode, a desire to break free from something tightly knotted.



A deep intense pain of a loss by the aged and pale paper, the sorrow one feels for the lost time and relationships. The heartbreaking ache for one’s own existence, the imbalance and crudeness of life constitute a mellow palette and mood. Being trained as a Miniature Painter Aisha uses this sensibility to move back and forth from traditional to contemporary mediums in order to explore the undiscovered aspects of art making in the region to a broader level.


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