Discard Beauty-inv (1)

Discarded Beauty by Jaffer Hasan


Studio Seven invites you to the opening exhibition of Jaffer Hasan in collaboration with Alizay Zafer for the show titled “Discarded Beauty”. The opening reception will be on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, between 5:00-8: 00 pm.



This photography show revolves around the premise of “One man’s trash , another man’s treasure”. The passion with which Jaffer explores withering flowers is commendable for its intense observation that goes into the discarded beauty of these souls. Mystical is the word that Jaffer uses to describe these beauties past their bloom. Each frame captures a story of its own to tell its audiences with varying colors, compositions, and textures that inherently bring out the stories associated with each frame. Blooming and withering, both being a non-compromisable element of their very existence.


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