Depiction of Loss

Artist Statement


My work of art is centred around all those unnamed and suppressed victims who have gone missing, are brutally persecuted or have mysteriously disappeared. Their enforced disappearance leaves behind for us a trail of memories and some proofs of their existence. These proofs of existence become for us reminders and evidences of their identity, that are left behind with their loved ones after the misfortunate disappearances.

The visual language of my art is derived from my own lived experience of these incidents. The prominent visuals in my art i.e. fabric, bukrams, aprons and bones are elements that I chose from what I saw on the sites of these violent incidents. In my works, I glue layers of bukram on the cloth and press electric iron on this fusion to cause burns, resulting in the burnt tones of the surface. The red thread illuminates these elements of memory and serves as a metaphor for the blood spilt due to the violence.


Ramzan Jafari


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