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“Dear Marpha”

Dear Marpha,


It took me four days to reach you, I’ve seen paved and unpaved roads for you. It became harder and harder to meet you but once I did, I was glad that I took the chance. Your white stone walls, brown wooden architecture and the colourful flags are what makes you so different than the other places i’ve been to. You are surrounded by massive mountains, but you still managed to make place in my heart. You are home to some beautiful people, always welcoming and always smiling when I say namastay to them. You are a small city-like village that needs to be seen and loved more than it has been loved. I came to you in monsoon, it was cloudy and rainy everyday, I loved that about you, the way your mountain peeks played hide and seek, turning mountains into black and grey. All of this makes you special, and I want to thank you by showing you who you are through photographs.


Thank you for giving me endless opportunities to see the art within you. It has been a pleasure meeting you, and I hope I get to see you again.
Goodbye, until next time.




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