Between Black and White

A structure provides people a way to live together in a civilised system. A system demonstrates sets of rules for people so they practice them as a rule of conduct. A man’s life is a reflection of a training which he receives. It is to be acknowledged and recognised amongst others; based on the constructs of education, religion, cultural values, socio-political hierarchies and gender placement. People behave in certain ways consciously and subconsciously according to the knowledge they receive. There are practices devised for structural mechanism to function by building harmony and acquiring balance within a system. The outcome defines a structural order which is the fundamental goal for a system. But there are other facets as well which eventually surface along with the structural stability. Uniformity, monotony, repetition, and rigidity are a few which also become evident in how people behave under given circumstances. What are the similarities in people’s choices and behaviours? At what time do these similarities emerge?



Syed Hassan Mujtaba is an emerging artist of this generation who lives and works in Lahore. He completed his BFA from Beaconhouse National University Lahore, a prestigious institute in Pakistan for Visual Arts. Hassan has established his line of inquiry in symbolic significance of imagery in mediums such as photography, video and drawing. In 2011, Mujtaba was selected for the renowned Vasl International Residency, Islamabad among five other artists from Iran, Turkey and South Africa. Being a member of adjunct faculty, Hassan conducts lectures at Beaconhouse National University till the date. He has been consistently exhibiting nationally and internationally. “Between Black and White” is Hassan’s second solo exhibition with Sanat Gallery.


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