Benelovent Fund – Chawkandi Art


Chawkandi Art is holding an exhibition on the 27 th of June 2018 on the suggestion of Artist and clients who want to create a benelovent fund for the family of late Shabbir Husain to buy a house for them and to acknowledge his services to the Art community at large.


He served the gallery, artists ,art community and clients with unflinching devotion for 24 years . Polite and courteous he always went out of his way whenever required .


We at Chawkandi Art are immensely grateful to all those who sent messages of condolences and support .


Many artists have contributed their work and the gallery has set very low reasonable prices for the paintings to genertae money for the poor family of out beloved Shabbir Husain (late).


We request all those artists who wish to contribute paintings to the exhibition to send their works and queries.




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