Artistry Connect – A Middle Eastern Initiative

Have you heard about the website of Saudi communicative art before? No?


Do not forget to give us a brief overview of the site with ease!


Are you an artist?


We are honored to register on-line and display your artwork to all visitors with a simple description of each job and price (if your order sells). This is not the many advantages of the site artists know what to join us. Beacon will soon be the first event of the site with the participation of artists only site, make sure you join us!


You’re not an artist, but you love art?


You can register and browse the work of different artists from the Middle East and if you like a particular work site gives you a chance to communicate with the artist personally and buy the artwork, without the added percentages of the site


If you feel yourself on both levels, the site is open to everyone to register! And through your registration will be added to the VIP list where you can enter our next event with no fee.


And also the site you can see and know all the upcoming events in Saudi Arabia from workshops and volunteered for Iventat and more ..




Any questions and inquiries from us and our team are ready to serve you around the clock


best wishes


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