Art Project at the New Islamabad Airport

Noorjehan Bilgrami


Curatorial Team
Naazish Ataullah (Fine Arts)
Munawar Ali Syed (Truck Art)
Sadia Salim (Ceramics)


The Art Project at Islamabad International Airport is one of its defining features. It offers visitors to the airport a glimpse of the country’s rich crafts heritage as well as the opportunity to view the work of Pakistan’s contemporary artists, many of whom are now making their mark on an international canvas.


Approaching the Domestic and International check-in counters, you will encounter large-scale murals by the internationally renowned artists Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid. As we walk into other parts of the airport, we will view the works of other eminent international artists that include Meher Afroz, Ali Kazim, Amin Gulgee, Adeela Suleman as well as emerging artists.


The traditional crafts of Pakistan are presented on a larger than life canvas, at the departure gates. There is an exploration of style and pattern here within traditional parameters of grid and arabesque, with the medium ranging from copper and ceramics to wood and stone. Birds finely crafted in copper hover over a courtyard. The State Lounge has a magnificent wall decorated with Naqashi (traditional fresco) in the almost extinct Mughal tradition. A joyous celebration of colour greets arriving passengers at both Domestic and International Terminals. This is Truck Art in all its whimsical glory.


The Art Project offers a quiet moment of reflection to every traveller in his eternal quest.


(Photographs by Irfan Naqi) -Koel Gallery


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