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Art for eternity


Iqbal Durrani’s exhibition “Art for Eternity” opened at ArtCiti gallery on April 19th, 2018 in Karachi.



Durrani exhibited 37 paintings in which he painted flora and fauna, women and pigeon. The use of oil paints on canvas, from large paintings to the small ones, the artist brilliantly used the space of the canvas and depicted peace, hope and praised the nature.



The use of soft colors like whites and grey in his paintings gave soothing effect to the eyes whereas the combination, composition and intelligent use of space gave life to the canvas. Durrani strongly believed that whatever he painted is what he always felt closer to his mind and soul. In his paintings, the artist praised the creation of human body and how intelligently it has been formed which has always fascinated him and made him paint human figures.



The artist beautifully drew pigeons and flowers which depicted peace and gave mesmerizing texture to the paintings. In some of his art works he drew a combination of women and pigeon, women and flower and flower and pigeon to enhance the maturity, beauty of nature and to give the paintings an extraordinary visual impact. Whereas in some paintings he solely painted pigeons and women to understand the colors, angles and figures.



Iqbal Durrani’s  exhibition “Art for Eternity”at Art Citi will continue till Sunday, April 22nd, 2018.


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