Art for Eternity by Iqbal Durrani at Artciti

Opening :19th April 2018 (6pm to 8pm) at ArtCiti Gallery


“I paint because I feel it in my blood. What stimulates my spirit and what runs in my arteries, are the nature’s heavenly forms that thrive on this soil amidst water, wind and the sun. From all the gifts of heaven, it is the human figure that I have always felt closer to, owing to its fascinating structure and intelligence. For instance, the dynamic articulation of the female figure, with its graceful movements never seems to tire the eye. Incidentally, an artist’s observation goes much beyond a simple eye contact. It is the feminine beauty of the torso that has intrigued many painters for centuries, and I am no exception.


The nature’s generous improvisations that alter with every passing moment tend to draw attention, igniting my desire to express these wonderful rewards in paints. Amongst the rich flora and fauna, I choose to paint flowers and pigeons, which are either individually depicted or in combination with the human figure. It is the magic of light that makes me perceive the wonderous hues and tints that lie under the surface of the elements that I paint. I develop a sort of connection with the composed subjects to an extent that empathy begins to manifest itself in my work.” – Iqbal Durrani

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