Archaeologies of Tomorrow

For the past six years, Sohail Zuberi has been engaging in the quiet survey of a two-kilometre stretch of beach in Karachi – a popular strip known as the Clifton Beach. In his documentation of debris, Zuberi plays the role of a modern ‘archaeologist’ armed with contemporary tools: Photography with the camera of his phone.

The objects he collects are unearthed, excavated and carries its own narrative. Zuberi’s investigation finds at its heart the idea of walking as a prime means of discovery and engagement, which brings one’s mind to Rousseau’s 1783 essay Reveries of the Solitary Walker, where he explains the purpose of the process that have resulted in man’s separation from his physical self. Hence, Zuberi’s wide variety of work and field research explains the idea of ecology, economy, contradiction and coexistence, in which objects become like a mirror to the city.


Show opened on 8th May 2018 and continues till 17th May 2018 at KOEL Gallery.


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