all that is, is held

Ayessha Quraishi’s solo show, “all that is, is held.” opens at Canvas Gallery on Tuesday, December 18th 2018, from 5 pm – 8 pm.

Ayessha Quraishi is a self-taught painter, currently based in Karachi. She has exhibited in major cities across Pakistan as well as internationally in Avignon, Freiberg, London, Moscow, Toronto and Matera. Quraishi has also participated in Karachi Biennial, 2017; Biennial Izimir, 2011; the Bodrum Biennial, 2013; and Mostra Internazionale di Pittura, Matera, Italy, 2014.

Quraishi’s work employs gestural mark making and she often integrates drawing, painting, and digital media in order to explore the meditative nature of artistic practice.

She states that this body of work continues her study into the nature of matter and enquiry into what comprises space. Utilizing scientific imaging she takes a formal approach to intuit the meaning behind the apparent. The notion finds resonance that micro-macro and internal-external realities represent a similitude.

The show remains open until Thursday December 27th 2018,

from 11 am – 8pm (excluding Sunday and Public Holidays).


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