A Boy’s Playground

AAN Gandhara Art Space would like to announce The Boy’s Playground – A Solo Exhibition by Arif Mahmood. The exhibition will open on Thursday, 22nd February, 2018. With this exhibition we continue with our focus on photography.

These series of portraits consist of men in their relative field of expertise which is their playground. I have photographed them intentionally on the 6 x 6 square format on film. There is a common discipline in this body of work i.e one roll of film per personality. Amounting to 12 negatives per subject on an average. The light source is available light and most of the portraits are made with the camera aperture fully open for a shallow depth of field.

This technique is very contrary to the rules of ‘Portrait Photography’, in which mostly pin sharp faces are emphasized as a rule. My project deals with frailty of the moment and circumstance as well. I couldn’t make contact sheets of all my subjects as in most cases negatives were studied and selected.
The time and resource limit has forced me to be more on my toes in seeing the light, face and the transient company of the sitter.

– Arif Mahmood


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