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KLF 2016
Natasha Jozi, Red Prayers, Performance, 2013 Bani Abidi, Karachi Series 1: Pari Wania, 7:42 pm, 22 August 2008, Ramadan Sarah Ahmed Mumtaz, 2012. Image courtesy the artis t. Photograph: Nashmia Haroon

January 2016

Does Scale Matter?
Does Scale Matter?

Does Scale Matter?

by Natasha Jozi

Let's talk about scale.

The road, again.

The road, again.

by Lali Khalid

Encompassing,passingThis vastness.Surrounded by the fog.Disappearing.Will the circle stop being round?Like time.I am everywhereHome.The gap grows,embracingFamilyWith me,within me.Watching the storms take shape,Changing places, yet again.South to North.Home and not home.Close and far away.--Lali Khalid grew up in Pakistan. She earned her BFA from The National College of Arts in Lahore, and her MFA from ...

Adeela Suleman

Adeela Suleman

by Veera Rustomji

As Bibi Shirini and other Pashto songs battle with roaring motorcycle engines in the semi-commercial area of Kashmir Colony, there lies a hidden secret studio in this narrow alleyway.

Mythologies of the Oppressed
Mythologies of the Oppressed

Mythologies of the Oppressed

by Madiha Sikander

Artists do not create contexts; they work within them. Context is the intricate circumstances in which artists work in relation to their physical environment, historical and traditional trents, social movements, cultural values, intellectual persp...

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February 2016

Performance Art


Terrace Talks at Art Dubai

ArtNow presented a series of Terrace Talks at Art Dubai, featuring the launch of the Lahore Biennale Foundation, the pre...

April, 01, 2015
ArtNow Lifetime Achievement Award: Jalal Uddin Ahmed

ArtNow is proud to present the 2nd Lifetime Achievement award to Jalal Uddin Ahmed for his significant contributions towards the...

March, 18, 2015
Speaking in Tongues: Exhibition at KLF Art Section

ArtNow presented the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival, featuring 'Speaking in Tongues', an exhibition curated...

March, 03, 2015
Through the Looking Glass: A Selection of Works by Amin Gulgee at the KLF Art Section

ArtNow presents the Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival featuring 'Through the Looking Glass: A Selection of Work...

March, 03, 2015
Art Section at the 2015 Karachi Literature Festival

ArtNow presented the second Art Section at the Karachi Literature Festival, with talks featuring internationally renowned ar...

February, 26, 2015
Dreamscape at Amin Gulgee Gallery

Dreamscape, a performance and installation art evening, was held at Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, with the curatorial theme of "co...

December, 23, 2014
Imran Mir: What You See Is What You See

Imran Mir in his studio Imran Mir: 'Twelfth Paper on Modern Art' ExhibitionBook Launch: What You See Is What You See17 Dece...

December, 17, 2014
Tips on Collecting Art

Interested in collecting art but don't know where to begin?  For a newcomer to art, the art market can be daunting. Even a co...

October, 01, 2014