Chaar Aurtein, Chaar Kahaniyaan (4 women, 4 Stories )

Art is transcendental. It evades class distinctions, it’s beyond genders, it crosses borders and communities, defies and challenges manmade constructs and norms, and above all else, it tells its viewers a story that might otherwise go unshared, unheard. Chaar Aurtein, Chaar Kahaniyaan is our collaboration with Studio RM, in which four artworks each by four contemporary female artists are displayed. However, it’s more than just a total of sixteen works that are gracing the gallery’s walls; these women artists are sharing with us, the audience, their own stories, which verily echo the stories of many women. Each of the pieces on display serve as a vignette that touches upon the personal and unique journeys of these artists, while simultaneously presenting the universality of women’s lives. Chaar Aurtein, Chaar Kahaniyaan is not only a testimony to the commitments and multiple roles that women play, but is a celebration of the many fruitful contributions they make within each and every facet of life they’re engaged in, thereby facilitating an important and on-going dialogue regarding women in society


Opening at Sanat on 24th April 2018, curated by Studio RM




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